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      The administration of societies, under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 was transferred to the Department of Cooperative Societies from the Department of Revenue with effect from 01-06-2016; vide G.O KE 17 MuNOSO 2015, Bengaluru Dated 19-05-2016.
      The societies related to the promotion of charity,education science,literature or Fine arts,promotion of sports,the instruction and diffusion of knowledge relating to commerce or industry or anyother useful knowledge ,diffusion of political education ,maintenance of libraries, the promotion of conservation and proper use of natural resources may be registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act,1960.

      As per section 2 (e) of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 the powers of implementation of the Act has been delegated to District Registrars of Co-operative Societies as per Government Notification no. sae/01/sasamno2016 dated:09-06-2016 and with reference to Bengaluru city districts the powers are delegated vide Government order no. sae/01/sasamno2016 dated:15-06-2016.

;Procedures for Registration of a Society under this Act

Citizens who intended to form societies for purposes mentioned above have to go through the following process.

  1. Any seven or more persons, above the age of eighteen yeas associated for any purpose specified in Section 3 may by subscribing their names to a memorandum of association and otherwise complying with the requirements of this Act and the rules made there under, in respect of registration, form themselves into a society under this Act.
  2. Acts as Nodal agency for agricultural commodities procurement under minimum support price (MSP)and Marketing intervention schemes (MIS).
    a)The name of society.
    b)The objects of the society
    c)The names, addresses and occupations of the members of the governing body to whom, by the rules of the society, the management of its affairs is entrusted.
    d)The place at which the Registered Office of the society is to be situate.
  3. There shall be registered with the memorandum of association, the rules and regulation of the society, which shall contain provisions relating to admission of members, general meetings, voting by members, proceedings at such meetings etc.
  4. The memorandum and rules and regulations of the society shall be printed or typewritten, be divided into paragraphs numbered consecutively and be signed by each subscriber to the memorandum of association in the presence of at least one witness who shall attest the signature and shall likewise add his address, description and occupation
  5. Form of application for the registration of society shall be as per Schedule A of rule 3 of the Karnataka Societies Registration Rules 1961 to be submitted to the Deputy Registrar of Co-operative societies and District Registrar of societies of concerned districts by one of the subscribers to the Memorandum of association authorized by proposed society with the following documents
    a)Request letter to District Registrar.
    b)Form of application as per Schedule A.
    c)Memorandum of association and Rules and regulation duly attested by one of the subscribers to the Memorandum authorized by proposed society.
    d)List of subscribers to the Memorandum of association along with photographs and signature.
    e)Proceedings of the first meetings to form a society.
    f)Challan for having paid the prescribed fee.
    g)Affidavit in the prescribed form in Rs.20/- e-stamp paper duly notarized.
    h)Identity card and address proof of subscribers to the Memorandum of association.
    i) Address proof of society proposed to be registered.
  6. After scrutinization and verification if the Deputy Registrar of Co-operative societies and District Registrar of societies is satisfied that all the requirements of this Act and the rules made there under have been complied with, he shall register the memorandum of association and rules and regulation, and shall certify under his hand that the society is registered and issue a Certificate of Registration.

Fee for Registration of a society.
  • As prescribed in rule 9 of the Karnataka societies registration rules 1961- Rs.1000/- for general societies in BMRDA limits and Rs.500/- in other places. For SC/ST and Women societies 50% of the fee prescribed. Rs.35/- per page scanning fees.

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